About Andrew's Wholesale Electronics...

Andrew's Wholesale Electronics is a New Zealand based business that seeks to satisfy the electronics enthusist's dreams as well as the every day consumer wants and needs.

Most importantly we want to deal with wholesale customers. This means we provide discount (sometimes quite significant) to larger orders. Generally this discount starts after 3 items the same are ordered, but this quantity does vary depending on the product. The best discounts can be given when you buy direct from us (because Trademe takes commision). Use our 'contact us' link above or post a question on the auction your interested in to find out what bulk discounts you can recieve.

We sell computer products, electronic components, general and specalised tools and testing equipment and have a vast product range available to us (not currently all online). If you want a product not listed by us please use our 'contact us' page to see if we can help you.

We currently use Trademe as our online sales processors, with our own sales website in the pipeline.

Design downloaded from free website templates and dramatically modified.